Exchange Transaction logs not flushing after a backup

We have 2 exchange 2003 servers with multiple database stores on each.  Each server has it's own incremental backup job.  Each job seems to be identical.  EXC03 server's logs are being flushed nicely after a backup.  

EXC04 server's logs remain after a backup....creating a concern of disk space issues.  I did migrate mailboxes off of exc04 a week ago......also, I dismounted and moved an empty data store onto a SAN.  The store is dormant and is still dismounted.  The other stores on EXC04 are still as is.....and are being backed up.  However, the logs are not flushing.  Any ideas?  
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The logs are only flushed after a full backup of the information store (no brick level backups). Also, this is only done if the backup was OK. Did you check the BE Logs?
The logs should be deleted after an incremental backup too, as long as it was successful, and the account used to run the backup has permission to delete files in the folder.  If the log files are very old (check the creation dates in explorer), then they may be orphaned.  The backup only deletes log files that are actually in use - if for any reason they fail to get deleted, future backups will not even attempt to delete them.

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ncvadfAuthor Commented:
If the date on the logs is a couple of weeks old......would it hurt to delete these out?
ncvadfAuthor Commented:
The backup jobs have no errors...........

Backup completed on 1/28/2008 at 8:52:23 AM.

Backup Set Summary
Backed up 0 Exchange Server stores
Backed up 2898 Exchange Server logs
Processed 15,196,657,602 bytes in  20 minutes and  38 seconds.
Throughput rate: 702 MB/min





Job Completion Status
Job ended: Monday, January 28, 2008 at 8:52:24 AM
Completed status: Successful

I would suggest checking that at least /some/ of your logs get deleted when you do a backup.  That would indicate that the remaining ones are indeed orphaned, and therefore unlikely to be deleted automatically.  There's some more guidance here:
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