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Quark to indesign/ illustrator

level9tech asked
We are replacing a grahics designer and the replacement operates in indesign and illustrator, where the old designer operated in Quark.   Is there a tool to use to convert these files or will Adobe just allow us to open them ?  How should I proceed.
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Hi, level9tech,

if you just want to place (like a picture) QuarkXPress layouts in AI/ID then create a PDF out of QuarkXPress.

if you want to open them and edit them in InDesign (AI is not possible directly), there is ONLY TWO ways:
- If the QuarkXPress document is version 4 or lower, then you can open it directly in ID
- If the version is 5 or higher, then you need to purchase a 3rd party tool called Q2ID from Markzware. They also offer a tool for the other direction (ID2Q).

However, you need to be aware that every conversion has its issues. Both layout apps use slightly different features, e.g. QuarkXPress has named H&Js, which InDesign doesn't have. Or QuarkXPress 7 allows character based transparencies (each letter a different opacity), which InDesign doesn't have. And Quark's hyphenation method (Dieckmann) is just better than InDesign's. Sure, InDesign has some feature QuarkXPress doesn't have, since you are converting from QXP to ID these do not apply though.

Bottom line: Though you can convert, watch out, you will have most likely a layout shift and/or text reflow. If you have a customer wanting to reproduce these files again, it might be smarter to stay hybrid (use QuarkXPress and InDesign based on the job, where each fits better).

Honestly, trying to convert the files is not the way to go. In the long run, it would be better to train the new person to use Quark IMHO. Indesign is a great program, and Quark used to be (LOL!). But any designer worth their salt should be able to accomplish whatever they want in either package, IMHO.

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