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Granting permissions to local C:\windows File using GPO

I have a database program on my server. On the client side, users are required to have write privileges to a local c:\windows file. How can I give write access to the "Domain Users" group to that specific local file using the Domain gpo.
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The Group Policy to set this is under

Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > File System

Right click File System and select "Add File..."  This will bring up a dialog box.  For the folder put %SystemDrive% or C:\Windows and click OK.  It will then bring up the security settings dialog.  Add Domain Users with Write access and the next dialog will ask if you want it to propagate to subfolders.  Set it as you need to and apply and link the GPO to the machines that need this setting.  It may take a couple restarts of the client before you see the security settings change apply.
Caveat to the above - the folder/file in question must exist on the machine from which you are modifying the GPO, as that's what it will use to populate the "Add File..." browse list.

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