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Slow server response time when Mac Entourage connected

I have a client who has a hosted Exchange 2003 server that has run perfect for several years.

In the past few weeks the server has come to a crawl at various times.  After several days of research and repeated questioning of the client I finally found out that one of the PCs has been replaced with a Mac running Entourage 2004.  All clients connect via RPC over HTTP.  When the Mac is connect the server will start to slow down.

The server is a Dell PowerEdge 1800 XEON dual core with 2 GB ram and RAID 5 for the Exchange store and a RAID 1 for the logs.  The store array will run non-stop for hours on end when the Mac connects.  The CPU and RAM are at 5% and 1GB usage respectively.

I have seen where Spotlight can cause some issues like this and the end-user has turned it off (at least that is what I'm told).  This has not fixed the issue.

I know that it has to be the Mac because the problems started when it came on board.  I have asked if there have been any other changes that I need to be aware of and there are none to my knowledge.

I have spoken with Microsoft and they can't find anything.
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When the Mac initially connects, it should try to synch its mail database with the servers. This means downloading all the mail from the server to the Mac. The first time the Mac connects, this could conceivably slow down the server, particularly if there are large attachments, but once the Mac has downloaded all the mail once, it should only have to synch changes which should not slow down the server. Check with the user of the Mac to make sure they are not deleting the cache and forcing Entourage to re-download the mail messages.

You might also check to make sure this particular user is not sending and receiving especially large files. You could enforce a maximum files size in Exchanged.


I have not physically seen the computer so I'm having to go on what the user it telling me, but they are not making it re-sync the folders every time.

They have very large files that are sent and received all the time.  They have been doing this for years with no adverse effects on the server.

The user in question does have a large mailbox of over 2GB.  But his is actually one of the smaller boxes on the server.

There is no way to enforce mail limits on the server due to the fact that they own the box and will not allow that.

I have never heard of the problem you are reporting. Here are a couple of resources you might want to check for more information:



P.S. here is a Microsoft White Paper for integrating Entourage and Exchange:


Also, make sure that you user has all the Office 2004 updates. The latest is ver. 11.3.9. The user can update using the update function in Entourage (it is in one of the drop down menus - help perhaps) although he may have to run the updater several time until everything is up to date.

Alternatively, they can be downloaded from here:  



The client has stated that he has all the latest updates.  He is also getting ready to upgrade to 2008 of Entourage.

Is there a possibility of some other issue causing the slowdown?

I've administered around 25 Exchange servers over my years and have never seen anything like this.

The bad part is that I have no access to the client's workstations...only the server.


Is there any possibility that shared calendars could cause a slow down?

I have found out that a couple of the clients have around 20 shared calendars in their outlook.  These two clients are getting around 40-50 tcp connections to the server.

Could this cause a problem?
The entourage sync via exchange the only way it will slowthe nw is if all users are using the same path as entourage uses otherwise entourage will work like normal pc (windows)

I'm seeing this problem as well on an Exchange 2003 Server, but with several Macs connected.  The slowdown only started happening when people started trading in their PCs for Macs.  They are using Entourage and Mac Mail.
This is the most useful article I've found yet:
ok i can confirm that the slowdown occurs only when more people are using exchange thtst is outlook web access as well as mac entourage is using the same this might be the reason for this
Make sure that entourage is not getting disconnected every time as then it goes for authentication and asks for more paasword


I had tried this before, but I had the old information from Microsoft that was basically to set the registry setting to 50 MB instead of 500 MB.  Big issue since the default is 128 MB.

Yes this is definatlen a problem.  I am experienceing it on my network as well for a user who gets alot of email and syncs alot.

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