Please advice before switching to Voice Over IP (VOiP) for our telephone service.

Hi all,

We have about 100 employees and two sites and  are currently  having a lot of problems with our current telephone service.  We use Info-Highway as the service provider who brings the service up to the D-Mark.
Anohter  company, BTE takes care of the inside wiring and all type of troubleshooting inside the building. All of our decices are TELRAD, includes TELRAD - 400 as the phone system.

We are planning to switch to VOiP in the near future.
what are the requirement to have VOiP?
Is it necessary to have a lot of experience within the cisco field to manage VOiP?

We would need about 100 extension between two sites. can you tell me about the cost?

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jdechiaroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On an economic basis, hosted will always win when compared with an on-premise solution, as the capital outlay is much less.  As a hosted VoIP firm based out of NYC, supporting several mid-sized financial firms in CT, we have a solution that may be appropriate for your needs. If you wish to have a call to discuss your requirements further, please look us up. 
First of all you will have to install POE hubs/ switches.  Make sure you have a good backbone connection and that there is no latency on your network end, No it is not a big deal to switch /integrate VOIP in your office.  You do need to plan it out first beore you implement.

winperezAuthor Commented:
would there be a need to re-wire the building with cat 6 cable? what about the cost?

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Cat 5 cable is all that is required.  Are you planning to go hosted VoIP from your provider or run an on-premise solution like cisco call manager?
winperezAuthor Commented:
is there any advantage by choosing to run the on-premise solution - cisco call manager,  instaad of having the service hosted by the provider?

How hard is this configure?
we have 2 offices (ny, ct)

what devices will be needed?

once installed and configured, will it be hard to manage/troubleshoot?

winperezAuthor Commented:
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