SBS 2003 Email Issues

I have SBS2003 running SP2.  I have configured email and then recently added a second email addess in order to send and receive from either account. ( and

I create two user accounts: firstlastname ( and firstinitiallastname (
I edited the recipient policy under each account and allowed only the specific email domain for that user account.

This setup allows the user to seperate the email and check either account through outlook or outlook webaccess.   The problem is when using a blackberry or smart phone.  The blackberry or smartphone only syncs with the primary account, it seems to be the first one that was setup using the CEIW.  The second account will not sync when using BIS or a smart phone.

If I create a user account normally and don't edit the recipient policy and allow both email addresses to be listed under the user account, I am then able to sync on the sencondary account.

Has anyone experienced this issue? or can suggest a workaround.
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SBS supports only 1 domain.
vivo123Author Commented:
I understand the fact that sbs only supports one domain, but it does support multiple email addresses within the domain.  I may be looking at this wrong, but if I can log into outlook remote access with the account of firstlastname (which relates to email of company1) and retrieve my mail and also log in with the account of firstinitiallastname (which relates to email of company), why can't I sync the second account with the Blackberry BIS or windows mobile device.  In theory I should be able to... any suggestions or thoughts.

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