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Migrate SBS 2003 to new hardware

snowdog_2112 asked
I am debating migrating an SBS 2003 server to new hardware vs. creating a new AD domain and simply migrating the Exchange data.  I'd like some input on pros/cons.  Here are my thoughts:

- I was planning on the "in-place upgrade" method of reinstalling Windows on
  top of the existing install, and changing hardware at the first reboot (does this work with SBS?)
- Folders and user permissions are already set
- don't need to recreate users
- apps installed on server don't need to be reinstalled
- workstations don't need to be rejoined to the new domain

New AD domain:
- after 4 years and 2 previous hardware migrations, a clean install will clean things up
- I'd like to separate my internal DNS name from the external Internet domain
  to clean up my DNS zones and make things a bit easier to manage vis a vis DNS.

Is there a procedure to give me the best of both worlds?  Can I bring a server online as a DC to replicate AD and then migrate SBS?
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You can create a new DC, replicate information, and take the sbs DC out. After that you have to set the new DC as operation master, as SBS must be The only operation master in the domain.

also read:



Thanks.  I think you're describing the swing migration, right?  Doesn't that require a 3rd box (existing SBS server, new SBS box, and temp non-SBS DC)?

Or can I:
- install SBS dics 1 only
- dcpromo into existing SBS domain (replicate, etc.)
- remove old SBS from domain
- complete SBS install on new box



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