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Hey All!

I've been assigned the task of re-designing our website, and making it more of a business tool than the useless piece of garbage it currently is....however, I have little website design experience and am lacking in the creativity department at the moment. I have a few ideas, but am looking for some more!

We are a ventilation company that manufactures custom industrial fans....

I have installed DotNetNuke, which will allow us to do quick/easy updates to the content (which had not been updated since 2003) and make use of modules...but what kind of features can I add to make this useful for our business?
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James ElliottConnect With a Mentor Managing DirectorCommented:
(1) Online ordering
(2) Status tracking of O/S orders
(3) Functionality to be able to book an appointment with a rep
(4) Portal for employees to check their emails / calendars
(5) 3d Interactive images of the products you design
(6) Testimonials from satisfied customers
(7) A 'who's who?' within the company, including pictures & bio's of key stakeholders
(8) Forum for structured employee discussion around hot topics
pollock_dAuthor Commented:
Thanks, if you have any more let me know!
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