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problem with lines and dots arround cursor etc...

I have just turned my computer on and have noticed that around the point of my cursor and also through the graphics and text on my desktop items are lines and dots,  (hard to describe but will try and do a likeness)  they look a bit like this...        ll.iii,iii i.i       +   llllllllllllll   + ,,,,,,,ll,,       etc  i cannot do exact copies of the problem but they are a likeness,
this is only appearing on the desktop items, cursor ,and the items in the bottom right of my screen,
where the small pictures  have almost disapeared,
so if anybody can tell me the course and even better a solution i will be gratefull thank you,
oh forgot to mention that the computer was fine when i last turned it off, and i have tried a system restore but the problem remains,
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Update your video driver.

If possible, swap monitors with another computer.  If the other one works correctly on your machine and yours has the same problem on the other machine then there is a problem with the monitor.

If your monitor works correctly on another machine and you still have the same problem on yours with a different monitor then there is likely a problem with your video card.  If possible, swap video cards with another computer.  

Open up your machine's case and visually inspect the motherboard for bulged or ruptured capacitors.  Leave it open for a while and see if the video problem goes away.  If so then it could indicate a heat problem.

You can run some rudimentary diagnostics by running DXDIAG from the Run line, going to the Display tab, and hitting Test DirectDraw and Test Direct3D.  For a more thorough test you could download 3DMark.

If you are able to isolate the problem to the video card and your machine is under warranty, contact the manufacturer.  Otherwise you could put in a different video card and remove or disable the old one.


Thank you for the quick reply, i will try your sugestions as since my initial post have tried running some other programs, poker sites,  tv,  downloaded films etc.... when i first tried the poker site  the start up page kept giving the effect of  broken glass ... moving about, (would be a good screensaver actualy)
also when i tried the tv, reception was not as good ,dots all over the screen etc, have noticed when i re-boot the computer i am getting blue squares all over the screen on start up,.
so thinking it could be a heating problem  or the video card,   but i did put it on for about 5mins in the morning to check e-mails etc and everything was fine... no problems, so why do you think this could happen.
    at the moment i am running  spyware cleaners etc  just in case, so it will be a while until i can check the card...

              but again thank you,

From what you describe, my first thought would be a bad video card.  However, you'll have to narrow it down to be sure.

Hardware problems can be intermittent, so it may go away from time to time for no discernible reason.  

Checking for spyware is also a good idea.  Maybe it's some weird joke program.


thank you,  looks like it is my graphics card, have tried everything else,
will have to dismantel and re-build, ( have it built into a unit so could be the heat as suggested)
again thank you for the help, all the best,
You could also try changing the cable that connects your video card to your monitor. I have experienced similar oddities when the cable isn't quite up to spec.

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