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Calculating Proximity

I have a canvas which has lines draw by the user at random, what i need to do is calculate which line has the closest end or start point to the mouse it is clicked.
Can anyone help here please.
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If you know the x,y coordinates you can simply use pythagorus:
3 coordinates mouse (Xm, Ym, start of line (x1, y1) and end iof line (x2, y2)

To work out the smalest of these 2 numbers:

Start of line:
(Xm - x1)^2 + (Ym- y1)^2

End of line:
(Xm - x2)^2 + (Ym- y2)^2

The smallest number will be the shortest distance from the mouse.


i wish i had listened during math lectures :-)


i will try to convert this to action script


was excellent if i had understood the math :-)

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