Can't rename folders/files on Windows 2003 Server

Ok I have a very strange problem to do with the behaviour of a Windows 2003 Server. As soon as somebody creates a new file or folder on this server and has finished using it, we are then unable to modify the file or folder. Even the administrator is unable to modify the file or folder. This also happens on files and folders that have always been there. As soon as somebody uses a file or folder it then becomes un-modifiable. If you then restart the server everything is fine, until a file or folder has been modified, then once again it becomes un-modifiable. The only way any file or folder can be modified is after having a restart. I do not understand. Please help.
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you need to take ownership of the folder
To take ownership of a folder or file, open Windows Explorer. Open the Properties window for the object and select the Security tab. Click the Advanced button. From the Owner tab in Advanced Security Settings, you must click on Other Users and Groups and enter the account manually. The account can be checked by using the Check Names button on the right. A list of names can be provided by clicking on the Advanced button again and then clicking on the Find Now button. Once you have taken ownership over an object, you can the go ahead and change the existing permissions.

this is probably occuring due to security permisions allowing create and not change you need to look into the efective security for the users
Can you confirm the owner of the files is correct?  Also, check your open files under Computer Management to see if the files are remaining open.  Confirming both of these things should be a good place to start troubleshooting.
tekenq1Author Commented:
Bradleys40 the administrator is already the owner of these folders/files. We have around 300 servers (with different customers) that we administer with exactly the same setup and they have exactly the same permissions and ownership but this is the only one with this issue. All users that are trying to modify these folders/files have modify permissions and the administrator has full permissions and ownership but even they are unable to modify until a restart.
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tekenq1Author Commented:
divinewind80 the owner of the files is correct and no the files don't remain open.
tekenq1Author Commented:
Also, I don't know if this will help at all but the permissions and ownership does not change between the time when they can be modified and when they can't be modified. Oh and when you compare the permissions/ownership with a folder/file that can't be modified and those of a folder/file that can, they are identical
tekenq1Author Commented:
ok well it was mcafee locking the files after scanning them. each time a file was scanned it was locked. mcafee 8.5

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