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Mcafee Folder Over 6GB

Methodman85 asked
Hello Everyone,
The size of my Mcafee installation folder is over 6 gigs. The i386 folder alone is 6.12 gigs, I need to know what can be deleted from this folder while still maintaining Mcafee's functionality as I desperately need space on my C:\. The partitioned size is only 21gb and I'm down to 10mb.
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Distinguished Expert 2019
We run that product, too. What i386 folder? Where is it contained in?
There is something definitely wrong, the installation may not capture more than 50 Megs in the program files folder. We are not using ePO, are you?


It's alright I figured it out. Each day when It tried to auto update and it failed because our subscription had expired. So it would then store the update file in the C:\Program Files\Group Shield Exchange\I386 folder, it's been doing this every day for a couple months now hence the size, I deleted them all, and will just run the update when we get our license renewed.
Thanks for the reply though, you were the only one so I'll give you the points.

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