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Configure IP for printers

jskfan asked
I have a print device that has an IP of and default gateway
I have computers in 2 subnets some in 10.1.2  and they can print and some in 10.1.5 subnet but can't print.

how do I fix this without configuring IP manually on the PCs that aren't able to print.

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The most likely explanation is that the default gateway on the print device is set incorrectly.  That would account for why traffic from the device isn't reaching computers on other subnets.

Run IPCONFIG on one of the workstations on the 10.1.2.x subnet to find what its default gateway is set to, then change the setting on the print device to match.


what would be the correct default gateway in the print device in order to have both subnets 10.1.2 and 10.1.5 be able to print ?
The default gateway should be set to the IP of the router on the 10.1.2.x subnet.  That is where it will send all traffic destined for other subnets.  From there the routers figure out how to get the packets to the appropriate subnet.

If set this way then devices from both 10.1.2.x and 10.1.5.x should be able to print to it correctly.
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems Administrator
The default gateway on your printer should be set to the router IP on the same network as the printer ( should work
Each computer on each subnet needs to have the default gateway set to the router on it's subnet
Then you need to have routing enabled between the networks otherwise traffic will not flow between the networks

This can be accomplished many different ways, if you can post more details on how the network is setup I can help you better.


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