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Controling connections to Bluetooth using Delphi

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I have an application that needs to have the following functionality:

1. User tells system to connect to new bluetooth device
2. Application will turn on discovery and wait for a request for authentication
3. When request arrives appilcation will do the authenticate and setup a COM port with the pairing
4. Return application back to user for connitued use

The application is locked down to the point of not allowing the user to access anything else. So I need this to work with as little user input as possible.

I have most of the idea down of how todo this but there are still gaps in my understanding. I am new to API and core system developement, so I need a little help with this.

Mostly I just need some help pointing me in the right direction.

I do know to use BluetoothRegisterForAuthentication to capture the authentication message. But it requires a known device to be passed as a parameter, how do I capture that device when it becomes available?

The device I am connecting too is nondiscoverable, I have to make my computer discoverable and it will initiate the authentication.

I hope this is clear enough.

Thank you.

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Here is a starting place.

Try out the Bluetooth Framework Developer. It gives you the full control above the device.

Here is the URL:



Here is some shareware that I found while researching this:


I'm sorry to say, but I do not have the time (or the equipment) to do this myself.  I hope the links help.


This is a good starting place. Thank you for the links.

But are there any tutorials or something that I can referance?
Have a look here:

There are demos available and documentation too.

Hope this helps.


Everone has sent me to the same place. Bluetooth Framework, but this still does not answer my question. This is for a product that has more capabilities than what I need.

Can some one point me to tutorials or give me directions on what I need to look for, even if it's C or C++ code samples that I have to translate.

Thank you.
If you need a good link to a TON of information on the technology behind bluetooth (and some links that claim to contain info on development) check these out.


Unfortunately I have found tutorials in French, German and Chinese and, since I speak none of those languages, I was unable to evaluate them.  As near as I have been able to tell with my limted time there are no english tutorials for Delphi and BlueTooth.  I found some for Python, but they would seem to be no help since they do not relate well to the windows api.  If it were my project I would start on MSDN:


Perhaps you are the one to write the first Endglish Delphi BlueTooth tutorial...


It seems that tutorials for bluetooth is very scarce or non-existant. But the final post gave me the information I need to get started.

Thank you.