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How to add e-mail senders to my contact list automatically

moose25 asked
In Outlook 2000 if it is possible to add automatically the list of e-mail senders to my contact's list. If so, how?
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You have to be in Internet mail mode (pop3).  It will not work in Corporate mode (connected to an exchange server, IMAP).

If you are getting pop3 mail then follow the instructions on the link below:

If you are not getting pop3 mail and you want it to happen, you will need to use a 3rd party add in.
Top Expert 2008

Hello moose25,

To manually add a sender's name to your Contacts folder

   1. Open the e-mail message.
   2. On the From line, right-click the name of the sender, and then click Add to Contacts.

A contact will open with the sender's name and e-mail address filled in. You can add any other information you want.

There is no way natively and automatically to add all senders to contacts list.  You need a third party program like

Add Email Address

Hope this helps!