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I have the following table A, together the 2 columns make a key:

Then I have table B which is a subset of table A same columns.

How can I get the values which are in table A which are not in table B?  I need all the card/profile combinations in A which are not in B.

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Sachintana DissanayakeConnect With a Mentor Senior Web DeveloperCommented:
This is more simpler using EXCEPT command which eliminates records from the second query.

(SELECT     CardNumber, Profile
FROM         TableA)
(SELECT     CardNumber, Profile
FROM         Table2)
try this
SELECT tableA.* FROM tableA LEFT JOIN tableB ON (tableA.CardNumber=tableB.CardNumber AND tableA.Profile=tableB.Profile) WHERE
(tableB.CardNumber IS NULL OR tableB.Profile IS NULL)

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