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How to set an unbound textbox to value of a datatable

In the below code the IsLoggedOn() function sets the two global variables gbAdmin and gbDeveloper to True/False.  I have two unbound textboxes that I want to set to the values based on who is logged in.

The below code generates the following error:  NullReferenceException Occurred on the me.txtUsername.Text line of code

What do I need to do to resolve?
Public Sub New()
        ' This call is required by the Windows Form Designer.
        ' Add any initialization after the InitializeComponent() call.
        If gbAdmin = True Then
            Me.txtUserName.Text = Me.BRDWorkslatesDataSet.tblApplicationParameters.Columns("AdminUserNameColumn").ToString
            Me.txtPassword.Text = Me.BRDWorkslatesDataSet.tblApplicationParameters.Columns("AdminPasswordColumn").ToString
        ElseIf gbDeveloper = True Then
            Me.txtUserName.Text = Me.BRDWorkslatesDataSet.tblApplicationParameters.Columns("DeveloperUserNameColumn").ToString
            Me.txtPassword.Text = Me.BRDWorkslatesDataSet.tblApplicationParameters.Columns("DeveloperPasswordColumn").ToString
        End If
    End Sub

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Bob LearnedCommented:
I would guess that either the 'AdminUserNameColumn' or the 'DeveloperUserNameColumn' is an invalid name.

KentDBerryAuthor Commented:

thx.  You are correct, so I changed the line to the following, and I now get "AdminUserName" returned as the value.  If I want to return the value of the data what would I have to do.

            Me.txtUserName.Text = Me.BRDWorkslatesDataSet.tblApplicationParameters.Columns("AdminUserName").ToString
            Me.txtPassword.Text = Me.BRDWorkslatesDataSet.tblApplicationParameters.Columns("AdminPassword").ToString

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Bob LearnedCommented:
To get data from a DataTable, you need to get the DataRow that you want, and then get the data from that.

Simplified example:

Dim dt As DataTable = Me.DataSet1.Tables("Table1")
Dim dr As DataRow = dt.Rows(0)
Dim value As String = dr("Value").ToString()

In your case, you would need to use the BRDWorkslatesDataSet (DataSet), tblApplicationParameters (DataTable) and AdminUserName (column name).


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