Migrate User Preferences from domain to workgroup

I am taking our servers offline and moving a small domain back to a workgroup, I need to know what the best way would be to make sure that the user desktop survives the transfer. All their backgrounds, shortcuts, desktop items, programs will be accessible or carried over once the user login in locally instead of against the domain. This is also very important for email, we are using a exchange server and I need to make sure that all mail is moved to a local file before migrating to the new POP3 ISP accounts. Your help is appreciated!
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abraham808Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just go to c:\Document & Settings\  and copy that Domain Profile to the workgroup profile

Just remember you can't be in either one when you copy.  Do it as Local Admin

As far as programs it depends on the way it was installed.

Exchange Keeps the mail on the server.  Unless you used PST's
you can export the mailbox to a PST.
blakmoon91Author Commented:
Great call, appreciate the advise! Working normally with OSX we don't have to deal with the switching of profiles between domains and workgroups, again thanks for the advise!
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