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cross-platform 'AutoRun"

MacRena asked
there are really 2 levels to this question:
first, for 100 points is:
on a CD or data DVD, is there a way to execute an AutoRun on either Windoze or Apple, so a PDF will execute?
(i would need a little "hand-holding" with regard to "getting" the file.  like help actually getting it and using it)

the second part, for a different 100 points is:
is there a script (or exe, bat, etc.) file that i can get to TEST which environment i'm in, and execute the appropriate file (win.exe if in Windoze or apple.exe if in Apple)?
(again, i would need a little "hand-holding" with regard to "getting" the file.  like help actually getting it and using it)
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On Windows CDs .. you use autorun.inf files
On OSX it is a bit different ..

See this article for most of your answers



ok, so it look like
The autostart feature was silently dropped under Mac OS X......
On the Macintosh, the autostart/autorun feature is not implemented as a program or as a script launching an application (like the autorun.inf file under Windows). The autorun can be supported by any file (even data files). The princip is that the Finder does on the designated file the same as if the user had clicked on the icon (of a program, of an alias/shortcut or of a data file).
The autostart feature has been available since the release of QuickTime 2.0. Therefore, strictly speaking, this is not a feature of the operating system but of a higher layer.

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