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Default for New Objects not working

mariej asked
I format a text box with the color, line width and line dash the way that I want it, and I click the Default for New Objects checkbox.  When I create a new text box, the new box has no line around it.  If I go into the Format Text Box dialog box and choose Automatic for the color, then all the other line attributes appear.  How can I have the line automatically appear on all text boxes without having to go into the Format Text Box dialog box since checking the Default for New Objects checkbox did not work?
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Follow step by step here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint/HA010348261033.aspx?pid=CH010493901033

If that's not working, try clicking on Help, Detect and Repair and try again.


Those steps work for autoshapes, but not for text box format.  I have done a Detect and Repair and get the same result.  Any more ideas?


Thanks - the font is not a problem.  It's the line properties of a text box I'm trying to retain.

Try creating a circle and set the default properties using it.  Then insert a textbox and see if the properties are saved.  All autoshapes are textboxes.


Same result.  When I create another circle, it has the properties of the first circle.  But when I create a text box, the properties are the same as when I opened the brand new slideshow - with no lines.
You're correct.  Textboxes will always be no fill and no line.  However, all you have to do is use a rectangle and insert your text in it.  That's why textboxes (from the menu) are always blank.  Because autoshapes are textboxes as well and you can set them.  Sorry, shoulda said so sooner.

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