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How can I share my SBS 2000 active directory with my 2nd server on the network

As the question states, we have an SBS 2003 server that hold exchange and data. We would like some home workers to dial in via Terminal Services (obviously this put SBS out as I understand it only supports a single Terminal Service log in at any one time) so we have a spare win 2000 server which I thought we could setup for remote TS access. However I would need to somehow share\access all the AD users and settings from the SBS box. I assume there is a way of accessing this?
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You will need to join this as a Member server to the existing network.
Simply install the terminal services service and set which type of licensing mode you wish to use.
Install TS licenses.

Two sbs boxes cannot exist on the same domain.  SBS MUST be the primary domain controller.  You can have a BDC but since SBS has to always be the primary, you cannot have two SBS boxes on the same domain.
I am not sure that is what you are saying but that is the way I read this.  The title is about 2000 SBS and the question mentions 2003 SBS.  If this is actually 2003 SBS and 2000 Server, this should be possible.  If so, MarkMichael should be correct.

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