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Is it possible to setup Hostname Aliases for RealVNC using DynDNS domains?

shady1024 asked
I have several computers behind the same router and I need to allow remote access to these computers. I was looking at RealVNC's products and have setup a test install on a computer on my network. RealVNC does not allow you to give each computer an alias like Computer 1 and Computer 2, you have to use the IP address of the computer, or in my case you use the IP address of my network and then specify a port for the actual computer you would like to access. I have some coworkers that are computer savvy but not to the point of knowing what an IP address and port are. I can just give them IP:port numbers and tell them to enter that into the hostname part of the RealVNC sign in form. I would like to just setup DynDNS hostnames like computer1.dnsalias.com, because that's simpler for people to get and leaves less room for error. I don't see anyway to setup the DynDNS services to use both an IP and a port, I just see a way to translate computer1.dnsalias.com to an IP address, which would not work the way I want. Can anyone give me any ideas how I might go about allowing my users to sign in to these computers with easy-to-use hostnames? We use apache as our webserver, the network is all Windows XP except for one Windows 2000 machine (and a vista notebook).
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You need to go into the configurations menu in real VNC.
Right click the VNC Icon, Go to Options. Then go to connections. On each computer set a different port number. Make sure you forwarded your ports properly  in your routers configurations page. http://portforward.com/ will help you with that.

Dyndns.com does not allow you to enter port numbers, so you need to use a service like changeip.com which works better. Changeip.com is free, but there is a banner if you are forwarding to a webpage, but since you are using it for VNC it is suitable. Enter your Ip address and port number xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:XXXX .
Then when using VNC to connect, type in the server box the address you created from changeip.com followed by the port number. This should work for you to be able to connect to all computers.

If you encounter any problems, just make sure you forward the ports correctly. If you are using a firewall like zonealarm, you need to configure it to allow connections on those ports. Thats it!


I will try that later today and post my results. Thank you for your reply.


I could not get that to work. I think I am just going to have to either use another program or hand out IP addresses. I was able to use an alias for my IP address and the port number, which will have to do. Thank you for your help.

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