Website different when viewed from home or work

I'm in the process of re-designing a website using the Drupal CMS and when I make changes and upload them to the server from home, those changes are picked up and displayed when I view the website. If I then try to view the website from work, it's showing before I made the changes!

I think it's a DNS issue as my workplace is in the NHS and they have their own big DNS servers and it seems to me as if they aren't picking up the changes to the site but are showing me a cached version of the site.

Any suggestions?
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Try a Shift+F5 in the browser.  I believe it forces the browser to not use its cached version and go out and get a new page.

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You are likely getting the cached version due to a cache in a proxy or at your ISP, or it's being cached locally in IE.  Check your IE temporary file settings, and make sure it's set to check for new pages at least Automatically or once per day.

You can also add meta tags to your site to control this.  See the site:


DubberDanAuthor Commented:
Definitely not a local problem with my laptop.  I've tried viewing in IE, Firefox and Opera on my laptop at work and home and work is consistently showing the pre-updates site.  Going home then shows the sites as it is.

Reckon it must be something to do with my connection as it's an NHS with a managed firewall.  Will get on to the admin tomorrow.
DubberDanAuthor Commented:
Hmm, very odd as it's behaving much better now.  I think the DNS servers for the NHS must have been having a problem or have been tweaked.

I'll split the pints between you for offering help though :-)
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