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Public User for Warehouse Computer

orbitrod asked
We have a computer that is connected to a Windows 2003 domain in our warehouse that we use to do shipping and receiving.  We have about 3 employees that use this 1 computer to do their day to day tasks such as printing shipping labels and check inventory.

Instead of each employee logging into the computer and then logging off when they are done, for every time they need to do something. I setup a "warehouse" user, that they all know the user and password for. So they can login to the network, and not have to worry about seeing each other's profile information.

This "warehouse" user is restricted to just the warehouse computer and has very limited rights on the domain.

 I was wondering if there was a way to configure configure the domain so when this computer boots up, it automatically connects to the domain without being prompted for a user.  Essentially what I want is a terminal for employees to do their work without always having to login to the computer.

Any help would be appreciate, or advice on alternative methods authenticating with the domain server.
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I believe that is what you are looking for.  TweakUI has a more user friendly way of doing this.  That can be found here:




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