Outlook Calendar entried being deleted - AutoArchive settings off - sync with Blackberry

Syncing Oultook with a Blackberry.

In Outlook, all Global Archive settings are off - all Calendar archive settings are off (did not realize that their are separate settings for the calendar... but found them and made sure they were off the last time this "event" occured.)

Now another two weeks have gone by and BANG.  There they go again.

Can now confirm that every two weeks, the Calendar in outlook is being purged of anything older than 2 months.  Everything I can find for AutoArchive in outlook is turned off.   Is there something in the blackberry that is doing this?
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By default most blackberries are set to remove old calendar entries after 15, 30, 60 or 90 days.

What's happening in your situation, is the blackberry eventually removes the old entry, then when you sync with outlook, the entry gets removed from outlook.  To fix this problem, you'll have to change the setting on the blackberry.

On the Blackberry...

1. Open the Calender
2. Open the menu
3. Go to Options
4. Change the "Keep Appointments" option to "Forever"
5. Exit, Saving your settings
The next time you sync no calendar entries should be deleted.

However, with this option set to forever, obviously more memory will be used on the blackberry. (That's why the feature is there).  

Another solution would be to allow outlook to archive the calendar once a month, and set the blackberry to keep them for 60 or 90 days.

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Tomster2Author Commented:
That was it... it was set to 60 days.  Thank you

We will now review how long we want to keep things around.  Thanks for mentioning that.
I have set the option to save "Forever" in the Blackberry calendar options. But it still keeps deleting old calendars. So what do I do now? I have seen the recommendation to set the calendar conflict resolution to "Outlook wins", but where is this? And does it really solve the problem?
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