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Disaster Recovery Idea

WCRIS asked
Hello Experts,

  I am setting up a Disaster Recovery site in our Calgary plant.  Our current, live data centre is in Vancouver.  This is to be what I would call a "warm" site.  The servers there are to be accessible, but not hot-synched with the real world.  
  My idea is to have a live, running Exchange 2003 server that is in the same administrative group as my live Exchange servers.  The idea being that if a disaster hit my data centre, I would have an Exchange server alive and ready to go.  Then, I would recreate the critical mailboxes on that server (granted, none of their old e-mail would be there) so that they could start communicating right away.  Then, I would have time to do a proper restore on the old box or replacement box etc.

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Cloud/Infrastructure Solutions Architect
I don't know if this 'idea' is actually possible.

You might want to consider possibly setting up a Exchange cluster instead, thus having data replication in place.

Multi-site data replication support for Exchange Server
Forced accept.

EE Admin

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