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Hosted Exchange Migration to In house Exchange Server from PST files

mustafaf asked
I just perfomed a deployement of Exchange server at a clients site. They had hosted exchange. Their hosting provider refused to provide any support in the migration process. The only thing they did was provided the PST files. I have the users migrate their own PST files into the exchange server through outlook ..

Their incoming email domain is the same xyz.com. Now the problem they are having is with local PST within the company they are pulling the OU information from the hosted exchange so if they use personal contacts to send an email within the company they get a bounce back ,
and any recurring meeting if they try to update and send a response to internal or external users. They get an immidiate response that you do not have premission to send on behalf of the user.

This is getting to be a very hot issue so any help would be greatly appriciated.
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If you can get the X500 DN that was being used previously, then add a X500 address to each users proxy list.



It might work for the contacts but it still doesnt explain why are users getting "You dont have premission to send as" even for the external users.

i think you have a misconfiguration on your server side.  To test create a new user and try and send email from it.  If you can't then the problem is with your server implementation and not with anything else.  Go back and recheck your smtp connector and domain name setup.


The implementation is correct as the users can send emails using the new addresses. The problem is with PST migrated contacts only.
Give the X500 address a go and see if that resolves your issue...

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