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Outlook Advanced Find

turtletrax asked
I'm trying to search a mailbox for a string of keywords.  I also want to limit the results of that search to only emails which contain another set of keywords.  Can I do this through Outlook Advanced Find?

An example is I want to search for the following keywords: written up, paper, grievance, hearing.  I want the results to only be returned for emails which are sent to Smith and/or Jones, sent from Smith and/or Jones, have Smith and/or Jones in the subject line or in the email body.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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This solution is based on Office Outlook 2007;

At the top of your emails you will see two little arrows pointing down next to the Search Inbox Dialog box!
Click these and you'll be presented with a more advanced search.

In the 'Body' search box, enter the keywords you are looking for in the format of, "keyword/phrase one" , "keyword/phrase two"

in the 'To' Search box, enter the email address of receipients.

Your emails should filter on the fly.

Alternativly, the same query can be used in the following format, in the usual search box!

contents:("keyword1" , "key phrase two") to:"email@email.com"

- hope this helps you out!

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