network name no longer available when trying to copy 3MB file from SBS 2003 Server

SBS 2003 Server Premium, recently the NIc failed.  I repleced with a new NIC, restarted server, made sure new nic was Same IP as old and same netmask.  No DNS issues reported. No server errors to speak of.

What happens is client cannot attach to or copy a 3.6MB access database on a share that is mapped to Drive T.  I have used net use to remove and rebooted the machine so the script remaps the drives.   I have removed NAV 10.1 from client machine to eliminate any possible anti virus issues.  I cannot reinstall as it fails with same error when coping the installer file.  

Also on the server I have made NIC 100 FD instead of auto neg.  as well as disabled ability of OS to shut nic down.  

Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.  

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the_b1ackfoxConnect With a Mentor CIOCommented:
go ahead to Community support and request this be closed and point refunded.  
can you map a drive using the IP address only and see if this resolves the issue?
mcpmcpAuthor Commented:
I mapped net use g: \\\data      No Joy.   Same issue.

I beleive this is a service issue on the server, but I cannot pinpoint it .

lets get to the truth... load wireshark ( on either the server or workstation.  When the connection is broken, we should be able to see which one issued the fin or reset
mcpmcpAuthor Commented:
the solution was a bug in SP2.  Spent 6.5 hours on with Tech support at MS.  TCP Chimney and large packet routing were issues on NIC Card.  

Thanks for the input, but solution was reached only by MS.

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