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What is the best scheduler for Windows server (any version)

What is the most popular and usable alternative to the built in Windows scheduler?  We need something that makes creating new jobs and managing them easier.  We used time target for a long time but it is no longer supported.  

So far I have looked at the following:
Cron for Windows
24x7 Scheduler
Advanced Task Scheduler
AutoTask 2000
Conquest Deluxe Batch Scheduler

Anyone have any suggestions on what they like?  We really just need to kick of .BAT files with complex time criteria (like 3rd Tuesday of every month, or 5th business day of each month).  

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Task Scheduler in wind98SE was perfect for running batch files at certain times, and since it was in the OS, it was very reliable and fairly easy to use.  My understanding is that it was removed from XP and 2003 in the standard install, but it is available here --

On Windows XP and Server 2003 you can access this from the Start Menu and clicking on Settings and then Control Panel to Scheduled Tasks.

I used task scheduler under 98 for years, running batch files, and it was very reliable.  Try that first.  

See these for ideas --  http://www.iopus.com/guides/winscheduler.htm

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