Binary Driver for E200i

I have HP Smart Array E200i Card, from where i can get its binary drivers for RHEL2.0 and RHEL3.0 versions.

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paras1Author Commented:
the link you have provided give RPM i am asking for binary.
If you look about half way down the page you'll see Software - Driver Diskettes. Those are binary drivers.
The link to binary drivers are as  under.

From this site you have to download below file.

Then use below method to make flopy.

There are two methods to create the Installation Diskette:


1) Save the "cpq_cciss-2.4.64-6.rhel3.i686.dd.gz" file into a temporary directory.
Use WINZIP to extract "cpq_cciss-2.4.64-6.rhel3.i686.dd"
from this file into the same directory.
Please ensure that "cpq_cciss-2.4.64-6.rhel3.i686.dd" is a DOS 8.3 name.

2) Use the "rawrite" utility which is included on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 CD in the "dosutil" directory.

3) Label a blank, formatted 3.5-inch diskette as "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Driver Diskette".
Next, insert the diskette in the diskette drive. Then, use the following commands
(assuming your ProLiant Disk Image is at the location c: and your CD-ROM is drive d:)

      C:\> d:\dosutils\rawrite

Enter disk image source file name: cpq_cciss-2.4.64-6.rhel3.i686.dd
Enter target diskette drive: a:
Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press --ENTER-- : Enter


1)  Save the "cpq_cciss-2.4.64-6.rhel3.i686.dd.gz" file into a temporary directory. Use GUNZIP to extract
"cpq_cciss-2.4.64-6.rhel3.i686.dd" from this file into the same directory

2)  To make a diskette under Linux (or any other Linux-like operating system), you must have permission to write
to the device representing a 3.5-inch diskette drive (known as /dev/fd0 under Linux)

3)  First, label a blank, formatted diskette appropriately (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Driver Diskette). Insert the diskette
into the floppy drive, but DO NOT issue the mount command:

      # dd if=cpq_cciss-2.4.64-6.rhel3.i686.dd  of=/dev/fd0 bs=1440k

4)  This command creates a diskette containing the image of the input file (if=cpq_cciss-2.4.64-6.rhel3.i686.dd) to an
output file (of=/dev/fd0) using the diskette size of 1440k (1.44MB).  To make another diskette label that diskette,
and run "dd" again, specifying the correct input file.

Once flopy created use below method to use it for installation.

To install Linux using this "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3" Driver Diskette,
boot your Linux machine with your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 CD1 in
your CD-ROM Drive.

A menu will be displayed, prompting for your input. Type the following
line of code to inform the operating system of the diskette:

# linux dd

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