Event id 4102. Connection was aborted by remote WINS

My push/pull partners appear setup fine.  I did see Microsoft had a hotfix (# 925340) for Windows 2003 servers having this issue, but when I tried downloading hot fix I was told the hot fix is now unavailable.
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Michael WorshamStaff Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
You went to this URL link? -- http://support.microsoft.com/kb/925340

Michael WorshamStaff Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
I did one better...

KB Article Number(s): 925340
Language: English
Platform: i386
Location: (http://hotfixv4.microsoft.com/Windows%20Server%202003/sp2/Fix186069/3790/free/289327_ENU_i386_zip.exe)
Password: X3-l52@-V
Password Changes On: 01/31/2008
Next Password: uCjIS2t
Well, stranger and stranger things are happening.
I enabled logging on both machines, and on both machines I get an error that WINS was aborted by the other machine.  Yet both of them are configured to replicate with each other.
The funny thing is that the error logs on my machine don't exactly match the descriptions given by the error codes.....
C0A8020B    ...this is supposed to be the number of records.  This looks like a windows error code to me

C0A8020B ...number of records ???????????
0000000D  ...updated
00000000  ...deleted
0000000E   ...number pulled
C0A8020B ... address to be pulled from ?????????/
Cound not read the Initial Challenge Retry Interval from the registry
Could not read the Challenge Maximum Number of Retries from registry

from the remote wins system log.
This looks like it failed to pull any records. (I did a push/pull from that machine)

WINS pulled records from a WINS while doing a pull relicaiton.  The Partners address and owners address WINS records were pulled are givein in the data section[second and third DWORD respectivly.
number pulled in 4th word.

Very strange.
I wish there was a way that you could look over my shoulder while I was doing all this....

Since 2.x is a trusted network with no wireless link, I have enabled all ports both tcp and udp from the entire 2.x network to go through the firewall.
I also have enabled all ports to go through from 0.X as it is also a trusted network, over a vpn link.
These enables are on both ends, my end (0,x) and the office end 2.x
I am still having no luck.

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Windows Server 2003

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