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import white logo into InDesign from photoshop

I need to import a white version of our company logo in to InDesign and paste it over a colored text box. How do I save a white image in photoshop and than import the file into InDesign keeping the background transparent?
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assuming you have already take the appropriate steps in making the areas you need be transparent, all you need to do is save the file as a native .psd file, and place into InDesign.
in Photoshop select your logo and then save selection as new channel, name it as U like.
Save that file in Tif or Psd.

Place it on your Indesign document.

Select Object\Clipping Path and select Alpha channel.
Thats it.


Save your selection in Photoshop on to a path and use it just like channel in Indesign.
To ma a path, make selection.
In Paths palette click that little circle with arrow and select make work path.
then same circle to select Save Path - OK
Then again circle and make clipping path.

Using Paths then you can save file on meny various formats, including jpg.

sibgig is correct.
Also, if you have created the logo in Illustrator, you import illustrator files directly into InDesign (again, be sure that you have not created the logo with a solid background as part of the file.)

If you are able to reduce your logo to 255 colors, you can convert it to indexed color, then save it as a GIF file (make sure the Transparancy box is checked) or you can save it as a PNG-24 file, however, I think sibgigs suggestion is easiest and best.

David B.

When using transparency in psd, and in Indesign, there may be potential problems with transparency flattening if not know how to prevent that.
When using Alpha channel or paths, there are no problems with that.


My friend who was asking this never got back to me. I apologize but feel you gave the best/most detailed response.

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