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How do I migrate exchange 2003 from old hardware to new hardware


I have to migrate my domain from old hardware to new hardware including AD and Files and Exchnage. Files are no biggie but migrating ad in a 2003 environment and exchnage 2003 is a bit tricker, i want to make sure i am going about it the correct way.

I have three servers 1. AD (2003), 2. File Server (2003), 3. Exchange (2003) all are being migrated to three new boxes all 2003 aswell no software versions are changing. what is my best way to approach this migration from old to new especiall the ad and exchange parts?

Many Thanks in advance.
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1st step is bring the NEW domain controller online get it patched up and ready to go.  then dcpromo it so that it can be a DC in your domain.  After that open up the sites and services MMC select sites default first site name then the new server name and right click on the NTDS settings and check global catalog.  I would then give this a good 10 to 12 hours to replicate.  At the end of the time period you will have 2 DC's that cam handle replication and authentication for your domain.  

2nd step is to bring the new exchange server online before you do that decide if the new server will have the same as the old or not.  If so reference http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb124429.aspx . if not thats fine because once you migrate mailboxes the users will get referels from the old exchange box and it will update the clients with the new server address for their mailbox. then make sure that it is patched and up to date.  next you can move your users mailboxes and public folder data.  Follow this guide  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/822931 to show how to do that information.  once if it is all done i would shutdown the first server and let it sit as is for a few days. if all is working well then you can bring it back online and do an uninstall of exchange and you are ready to go.

3rd file server this machine doesn't matter nothing special about replacing it.  But make sure if you have scripts pointing to it by name or ip address then when you bring the replacement machine online you copy all the data over then unjoin the old from the domain and rename the new machine so that it matchs what your scripts say.  If you don't have anything pointing by name then it doesn't matter.  

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