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How to create a desktop shortcut on an IMAC v9.1 PC?

dcturner asked
How to create a desktop shortcut on an IMAC v9.1 PC?    I can open IE by going to the Apple Menu and selecting from that list but I want an icon on the desktop (like a windows shortcut).
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On a pre-OSX mac, you could single click the icon for the program you need the shortcut for, and press "Command (Apple key)" and "M" key, at same time. The "M" stood for "Make Alias".
Click on the "Alias" icon (on top of original icon), and drag to desktop. Not sure how OSX handles this. Maybe the same way?
My recollection is that in OS 9 you can also create an alias by dragging and dropping the original while holding down the command and option keys.

Or, if you hold down the option key and click on the application you will get a drop down menu (like right-clicking on a PC). In the menu click create alias. Then drag the alias to the desktop and rename if desired.


of the three responses this was the only one that seemed to work.   THanks very much.

Also you can single click and go to File --> Make Alias I believe.

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