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Possible to create a direct connection between IP Phones

mikebaril asked
Quite simply I am wondering if it is possible to take two IP Phones, one at location A and one at location B and make them talk to each other with out using a voip provider or a call manager type system.
If at all possible, and resources would be great.
Thank you
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Yes it is possible but it will be specific to the individual phones you are using. Generally you dial the remote IP address directly. However if you have multiple phones at the remote site sitting behind a firewall then unless you setup a VPN between locations it is likely to be very problematic.

You can get Asterisk which you can also get as a complete distribution (Trixbox or Freepbx for example) and this just needs to be installed on any PC from a CD and can be configured from a web browser. This will give you pbx functionality and this software is free.

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