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Enumerating Remote PC Scheduled Tasks Accounts

I need to find a way to enumerate remote computer's scheduled tasks with their associated Run As accounts.
WMI script does not enumerate tasks created with Task scheduler;
and it seems like JT.exe utility from the Windows 2000 resource kit does not give me the Run As account when executed as
jt.exe /SM \\sctormom103 /SE

Need suggesstions please.
Thank you.
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Using SCHTASKS with the /V switch lists the account under which each schedule task is run.

If you had all the target computer names in a text file then you could use a command like the one below to generate a comma-delimited report.  Change all instances of %G to %%G if running it in a batch script.

for /F %G in (computerlist.txt) do schtasks /query /s %G /FO CSV /NH /V >> taskreport.csv

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