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Hi, I have this code that I was wondering if it is possible to put a bcc in the reply back?

It is important that there is a bcc when the message is replied to. Thank you for help.

$header = "Return-Path: ".$fromemail."\r\n"; 
	$header .= "From: ".$fromname." <".$fromemail.">\r\n"; 
	$header .= "bcc: ".$bcc."\r\n";
	$header .= "Content-Type: text/html;"; 
	$mail_body = '
	'. $_POST[name] . ' has sent a question for the '. $_POST[department] .' committee. On behalf of Region 15, <br>
	please review the question below and share your thoughts with '. $_POST[name] . '.<br><br>
	Name: '. $_POST[name] . '<br>
	eMail: '. $_POST[email] . '<br>
	Phone Number: '. $_POST[phone] . '<br>
	Details: '. $_POST[notes] . '<br>
	IP Address: '. $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] .'--This has been logged on the server so we can monitor the questions asked.'// returns IP.
	mail ($mailuser, 'Region 15 Committee', $mail_body, $header);

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There is no way to force a client computer to reply using BCC.
No you can't put a bcc in the reply, as bcc means (blind carbon copy) and thus the receiver does not see to whom the message was sent to at all. You can use Reply-To-Header and list all addresses there

$header .= "bcc: ".$bcc."\r\n";
$header .= "Reply-To: $fromemail, $bcc\r\n";

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You do understand that by using that command, the recipient can see who the email was BCC'd to, and that completely makes BCC useless.

>>It is important that there is a bcc when the message is replied to. Thank you for help.

You accepted an answer that weren't even what you were looking for.
pertrai1Author Commented:
>>You accepted an answer that weren't even what you were looking for.

Not always in life will we get the answer we are looking for, but if there is no way to have a bcc then this was a useful way of having the message also come back to a source that can watch over the replies. Maybe bcc was not exactly what I was meaning. I don't know if just a copy can be done, but if not, this works fine and that is why I accepted it.

Thank you for your response... I just wanted you to be aware that if you intended for the BCC to be hidden from the recipient, then this certainly wouldn't be the way to go, but if it doesn't matter to you, then certainly it is a good work around.  I think maybe an assist should be in order here, because you clearly stated that it was important for there to be a bcc when the message was replied to, whether that's what you meant or not, that is what you said.  Just my thoughts on this.  It is certainly up to you.

Thank you,
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