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using Business Objects Enterprise XI to publish a parameter report

I have used Crystal Enterprise to make several reports created in Crystal v.11 available to a user group.  Now the user group has come back with a request for a report that would use two parameter fields.  I have created parameter fields in Crystal Reports before but have never set up a parameter report in Crystal Enterprise.  I've seen the Business View Manager mentioned in several responses on this site to questions relating to Crystal Report parameter fields, but I can't find any documentation that tells me how to accomplish using a parameter field report from within Crystal Enterprise. Does anyone know of any?
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Is the problem that the Crystal Report you need to publish does not display with the parameters you listed, or are you haveing trouble making the report with the parameters?


Parameter report runs fine outside of Business Objects, but when I try to load the report to Business Objects, I get the following error: "Failed to read data from report file: (report file location). Reason: Failed to read parameter object."  From what I've seen on this site, it looks like I need to add a view for each  parameter on the report to pull data from?  If this is true, I could use some help on where to create this, and anything else I need to know -  can't find any documentation
Are you using business views?  where are the parameters located, in the report?  
How are you publishing the report to the BO Server?  Does this error appear when you run the report in Infoview or when you publish?


I get this error when I attempt to add to the BO server
Are you trying to override a report?  I think the report on the server maybe corrupt.  One of the other things that you could try is a restart on the file repository within the CMS.  Do you have this issue with other reports.
I am not having this problem with any other reports loaded in BO, but this is the only report with a parameter field included in the report.  From what I've read on this site, it looks like I need to create a 'Business View' for the parameter fields in this report and I'm just trying to find some documentation on how to do this.

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