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Can I install Visual Studio Tools for Office into my regular Visual Studio 2005? Doesn't seem to work.

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Last Modified: 2013-11-26
I tried installing Visual Tools for Office into my Visual Studio 2005, but it seems to rely on pieces that aren't present.  It looks like MS wants developers to purchase separate copy of VS 2005 Tools for Office.  Can someone confirm this?

Thanks in advance!
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do u have the vs2005 installed on the same machine you are trying to get the tools on ?

try those links



waiting for your reply
WilbertWaterburySoftware Engineer


Yes, it is installed where I want the Visual Tools for Office.  My point is that it appears that one must buy VS 2005 Tools for MS Office instead of add components to VS 2005 to achive the same function.  Seems a bit absurd to have to purchase the entire upgrade when VS 2005 is already owned. Does anyone know this for sure?

The article you posted don't seem to address VS Tools for Office.
looks liek you have a legal question rather than a technical one.

is your question about technical difficulties or the legal liecensing ?

waiting for your reply
Software Engineer
My experience to date and a call to Microsoft and confirms that, athough their are downloads for VS T for O on the Web, one cannot add the components to VS 2005.  One must buy the entire VS package again specifically for Office. This seems unfair.
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