Visual Studio can't find text that's right in front of it!!


My Visual Studio cannot find text that it clearly should be able to find.  An example: I have a project with a function called GetSize() that is called a dozen times in many of the project files.  

When I ctrl-F to find "GetSize", Visual Studio will sometimes report no occurances.  Or if I right click on it and choose "Find all references", it will often not report them all.

This problem is very strange in that sometimes it will find all occurrances, sometimes none, and some times some of them.

It's driving me crazy.  Any ideas?

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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
have you verified the "Search options" ? maybe them are set to find with upper/lower casing, or just complete words.
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run the command  devenv /resetsettings

waiting for your reply


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highqllcAuthor Commented:

Well, so far so good.  It can now find text that I'm staring at, which is a big improvement from before.  Now I'll just have to search through the menus for three days to figure out how to turn line numbering back on.... but a small price to pay.  thanks!

:) i am happy ypu found yur solution.

no problem. just post a pointy question with what you are looking for instead of wasting another week ;)

waiting for your reply
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