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Is there a line of code that can be added at the beginning of an HTML file to ensure all links open in a new window?
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erikTsomikConnect With a Mentor System Architect, CF programmer Commented:
The following HTML code will enable you to open all of your links in a new window. Place this code between your <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags within your HTML:
<base target="main">
Ali KayahanFull Stack DeveloperCommented:
Did you try to target new window in your links?
erichssAuthor Commented:
That can be done, but they way the file is updated, it's gonna be alot easier to have it set for all links by default to open in a new link, if possible......
erichssAuthor Commented:
Now does anybody know of where I may be able to enter that text in an excel workbook that if that excel workbook is saved as an html file that it would enter it in?
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