internet connection sharing

i cant setup internet connection sharing....

- both computers use xp
- internet works ok on host computer if i connect connect either of its eth cards to internet
- internet works ok on client computer if i connect its eth card directly to internet
- cables work ok ( hmm, would i need different cable for this ics pc to pc ? )
- after following section 1,2 ("On the host computer","On the client computer") as described at and disabling firewall on both computers
  i can ping on host pc, but cant ping (used this ip on client pc) from either pc

way to fix it ?
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If you're connecting PC to PC you'll need an ethernet crossover cable.  If you're connecting pc to switch, and pc to switch, and switch/router to Internet, then you can use normal, straight through cables.

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pseudocyber is correct in most instances; however most network cards now come with the ability to automatically switch between cross over and straight through which removes the requirement to have different types of network cable for different jobs.

however, it sounds like you may be using an older network card which is not doing this switching.

to verify this is the case i would manually set the IP on computer2 to


Try pinging from computer1, and from computer2.
If you are using older cards, rather than buy new cards, I'd recommend buying a router for about $50.  You can get them with a modem in them for dialup, if you need to.
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