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Crystal Reports - Subreport shows up multiple times under details section of main report

Hi Experts,

Can anyone tell me how to supress (or what I am doing wrong) in regards to inserting a subreport?  When I simply insert a subreport without any criteria being used the output looks fine within the main report.  When I use a criteria + the link functionality, a new page appear for each record found on the main report.

Thank for any help you can offer.
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If it is in the detail portion it will appear everytime the detail secion is called.  You can move it to the header/footer, or make sure the detail only returns a single row.
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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Agree.  What is the purpose of the subreport?



Thank you both for your replies.

The subreports are used to tally up certain types of donations.  What I was thinking of doing was to create the main report which prompts the user for a date range.  That date range is then used in every subreport which each suberport has its own criteria (type of donation).  That count is then passed back to the main report.

The only item I'm looking to display on the main report is the count of each sub report.

For example:
Main Report
01/01/07 to 01/31/07
Type of Donation:   Total:
W ='s 5
R =' 3


Is there a better way to do this?  I supposed I could supress all of the details and only print sums, but I've been learning a lot just working on this minor report.  By the way, to create the initial report which gave me the idea to do this...  I ended up simply using the same date range, but changed the criteria and exported the data 9 times.

Thanks again for any help,
Supressing the details and just showing the totals is a much better way to do this.  

Alternatively you can write an SQL query that does a count and only returns the totals.  This would process server side and save time.


Thank you all for your help.  


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