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IIS 6 doesn't run .bat file.

I'm trying to develop a site that will call a .bat file on a network share.  The virtual directory is in place, and I can browse it.  Whenever one of the .bat files in the share is accessed, the browser (in the case of firefox) asks if I want to save it.  I just want it to run.  The MIME types I've tried are as follows...

.bat application/batch
.bat application/octet-stream

Its set to Scripts and Executables in the permissions as well.  How can I get it to just ran the .bat file and not ask for download?


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I forgot to mention that IE needs to do the same.  The exception of course is the clients security settings.
Batch files are client-based, and your application is server-based.  If you ever did get the bat file to run successfully, it would run on the server, not on the client.

Pretty much anything you can do in a batch file, you can do in ASP using scripting objects like Wscript.Shell and Scripting.FileSystemObject.  If that fails, then you will probably have to do some magic that downloads the batch file automagically, then executes it locally (probably using the same components I already mentioned).

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