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How to break power on password

steve_6065 asked
I have a compaq 1500c with an unknown power on password. How can I get around it without removing battery
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boot to safe mode and log into the admin acount then remove it... if that doesnt work use something like hirens bootable cd to remove it

that is of course if its xp... if its vista your going to have to reload the the os most likely because there havent been any "good" work arounds to my knowlege

wait are you referring to an bios password?


Yes unfortunately it is both the BIOS and Power on Passwords. I know if I can access BIOS I can change the Power on password but can't get into. I was hoping there might be a default BIOS Password. Beinglazy and do not want to open to pull battery

Aaron FeledyDrupal Developer and Consultant

I think he is, in which case, unless there is a bios reset jumper on the mainboard, you will have to take out the bios battery. There is no other option.
Generally, it's verging on the shady to ask a question like that. A power-on password is usually set to stop unauthorised access to a unit. Most modern laptops have a security chip that stores the pw data even if the CMOS battery is removed and the only sure way to fix the problem is to go by way of the manufacturer. You'll probably have to show it's plausible it is your laptop, to get any help from them. How come you don't know the password; it's usually assumed the user/owner sets the password...

google tells me there isnt a reset password for that model... but i guess you could try emailing compaq to make sure... unfortunately i think your going to have to break out the screwdrivers...


Thanks looking forward to it. This password was set by a user about 5 years ago and who is no longer with the company. I agree that it can be nefarious but  there again I just wanted to avoid the screw drivers

Forced accept.

EE Admin

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