Slow OOF, takes 2min to start.


I have a customer who have a Win2k server and they have it set up with "" as AD domain, The users (WinXP) are loged on to the domain and use the local server as DNS.

They have Exchange accounts at a ISP, Outlook connects with "Exchange over HTTP"  emailadresses is on the same  domainname as the local AD domain. When a user starts Out of office reply it takes about two minutes before it pops up. Meanwhile it loads Outlook stop responding until OOF is loaded.

If i set up the same exchange account outside the AD with a external DNS the out of office reply starts in a second.

Giving the users a external secondary DNS doesn´t help.
Does anyone have a idéa how to fix this?

Best regards Jonas
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kieran_bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Having the internal address the same as the external address and your DNS setup misconfigured will be the problem here.

Open up outlook with the /rpcdiag switch, and you will see that it is trying to connect to another server - you will need to setup some kind of splitdns to get this to work, as detailed here ->

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