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Event ID 107  Folder Redirection:

damarx asked
I keep getting the error above in the application event log.  Not sure if it is causing a problem.  Whats interesting is that it seem to always trying to loaf the folders from user1 for everyone that tries to log in.
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After digging some more I think I figured this one out.  Awhile back there was a problem w/ the Default User Profile.  To fix we renamed the Default User Profile and copied user1's profile and renamed that Default User.  The settings for redirected folders appear to be sticky.  I loaded the default user's ntuser.dat file and removed all refrences to user1 for redirected folders.

I deleted my profile and logged in and no longer get the error.  Looks like I need to do the same for all the other profiles, fortunately they are all generic.

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