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Active Directory query account

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Last Modified: 2010-03-17
I have a web application that needs to query the AD groups and users.  I'm assuming that the AD client needs to run under an account with permissions to do the AD queries.  How do I set that up in AD?
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Does it use LDAP?
Configure a user account, note the distinguished name (DN).

In the app:
Specify the DN of the user to use.
Specify the root search DN

Whats the application?


Its Project Server 07....

It queries Active Directory to bring in the users.   I don't think Active Directory is allowing the account that Project Server is using to query its database.  

The fix shouild be on the AD side I think - since it seems to be refusing queries from Project Server.
Not familiar with Project Server, but could you check the link below, enable logging, and report any errors please.

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