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Is it possible to Demote from 2003 Enterprise to 2003 Standard?

I recently inherited a small network where the previous sysadmin had installed Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition on a server, and promoted it at some time to a Domain Controller. There are two other DCs in the network, several other 2003 member servers (of both the 32 and 64 bit varieties), and an Exchange 2007 server (which runs on a completely seperate 64 bit Win 2003 Std server, of course)

My DCs are getting old, and I recently thought to bring a newer server online and promote it to DC status. I created a new Windows 2003 Std R2 server, but when I attempt to dcpromo it I get an error that says the schema is incompatible (and to check adprep, forestprep, etc). Running those indicates the AD is already up to date. I surmise Im getting this error because the schema is in fact a 2003 Enterprise schema. To make matters worse, theres no indication Enterprise was ever bought, and instead I can find only a single "Promotional Sample, Not For Resale" box.

Is there any way to revert back to 2003 Std Schema (im guessing no)? Also, is my reading of the EULA correct in that the "promotional sample" server software was never legally licensed to run in a production environment?
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You probably just need to run adprep from the R2 Disk2

Article, steps to extend the schema:
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I have no promotional sample to reference, but if you're uncertain of your licensing with that, I'd contact Microsoft's licensing folks and ask (800) 426-9400.

There's no schema difference between Enterprise and Standard.

However, you're trying to Add an R2 domain controller to (I suspect) a non-R2 domain.  In which case, there's another ADPREP you have to run from the second CD of the R2 set - reference:
[If using R2 release of Windows 2003] Extending Your Active Directory Schema for New Features in Windows Server 2003 R2


Knew about the differences in adprep between R1 and R2 (learned that the hard way some time back. :D). FAIRLY certain I ran adprep from R2 CD. Will double check. In the meantime, any way I could confirm R1 or R2 AD WITHOUT running ADPREP?

You can verify the operating system support level of the schema by looking at the value of the Schema Version registry subkey on a domain controller. You can find this subkey in the following location:
You can also verify the operating system support level of the schema by using the Adsiedit.exe utility or the Ldp.exe utility to view the objectVersion attribute in the properties of the cn=schema,cn=configuration,dc=<domain> partition. The value of the Schema Version registry subkey and the objectVersion attribute are in decimal.

Schema Version ObjectVersion values and corresponding operating system support level" 13=Microsoft Windows 2000  
" 30=Original release version of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)  
" 31=Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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Haven't checked this with 2003 but it I would expect it to still hold true - see Checking the Schema Version here:


You were spot on guys. I dont know how I screwed that up.

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